We connect people and places by creating meaningful and lasting experiences.

Novostudio is an architectural practice based in Lisboa, Portugal, experienced in newly built and refurbishment projects. Our body of work spans a wide range of projects, including new construction, refurbishments, buildings, additions, adaptive re-use, contemporary restorations, commercial and residential interiors. From the envisioning of the project to its completion, we engage with clients, consultants, the council, and contractors throughout the overall process to ensure the best economically and architectural viable solution. We connect people and places by creating meaningful and lasting experiences. To achieve this we work rigorously, considering our projects from every angle, through to the smallest detail. We also believe that good relationships are key to successful projects, therefore we develop a strong sense of trust and understanding with our clients. We approach each project as an opportunity to explore new solutions always delivered by our creative passion with no fixed formulas or styles. Our final product along with our work philosophy emerges as a natural result of research, collective debate and successful client partnerships.

Our History

We have shared ideas and projects in well-established companies.

With over 15 years of collective experience in the architecture business, we have shared ideas and projects in well-established companies in the field such as Isabel Aires & José Cid, GJP and RRJ. Project development and coordination in areas such as sports equipment, cultural facilities, institutional office premises and residential houses were some of the responsibilities undertaken at these practices. In recent years novostudio architects have been developing experience in the areas of urban refurbishments, commercial & hospitality and residential housing.This work experience allowed us to gather important skills, technical knowledge and competitive edge in establishing effective relationships with different stakeholders such as engineers, interior designers, constructors and legal entities.


Our design team includes expertise in architecture, interior design and masterplanning.

Bruno Novo

Coordinator Architect

2012Founder Architect of Novostudio Architects
1998 → 2011Senior Architect / Project Manager at Isabel Aires e José Cid, Arquitectos
1996 → 1997Intern Architect at Isabel Aires e José Cid, Arquitectos
1997Graduated from Universidade Lusíada de Lisboa
1974Lisbon, Portugal

Marco Nascimento

Coordinator Architect

2014 → 2018Senior Architect / Project Manager at RRJ, Arquitectos
2007 → 2014Senior Architect at GJP, Arquitectos
2000 → 2007Architect at Isabel Aires e José Cid, Arquitectos
2000Graduated from Universidade Lusíada de Lisboa
1999 → 2000Internship at Guidarini e Salvadeo, Architetti Associati, Milan
1999 → 2000Erasmus in Facoltá di Archittectura dell Politécnico di Milano
1977Paris, France

We’re a team with a wide experience in implementing ideas from large to small scale projects and diverse built typologies.


We follow a clear process throughout each project. One of our senior architects leads the development.


Project Managment

Interior Design



Residential Housing

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